Contract Manufacturing Companies

Sourcing a product, especially a food product, is an art and a science. It is not just finding a supplier, but more importantly finding the right supplier for you. Sourcing a contract manufacturer is like dating. There is more than just looks; you have to evaluate the whole package. You need a co-packer who fits your organization and its values not just the low cost producer. We had a frozen food client who made the mistake of selecting a co-packer who was too large for them. After about a year both parties realized the arrangement was not going to work. We were recommended to the client by the manufacturer and in just six short weeks we sourced and qualified a new supplier while reducing their costs by 11%. This is just an example of how we help our clients.

We at RBC have over 30 years combined experience making the complex look simple for our clients. Let save you the time and eliminate the burden of finding your next manufacturer.