Right Brain Consulting

Expert Contract Negotiation Between Food Companies and Co-Manufacturers

You Need…

  • To find a co-manufacturer or co-packer.
  • Solid advice on scaling your food company to a commercial level.
  • To get out of a bad contract.
  • Someone to negotiate your contract.
  • A contract manager to handle your outsourcing needs.

We Deliver…

  • Connections inside the food manufacturing industry.
  • 30+ years of industry experience.
  • Solid contracts that work to your benefit.
  • A perfect co-man or co-packer match for your company.
  • Contract negotiation and management service.
  • Expert advice and connections for all your outsourcing needs.

If your present situation is not working to your satisfaction, we can set things right. Right Brain Consulting was founded to help companies in their dealings with contract manufacturers.

We operate within a certain set of criteria:

  1. We only source products in North America from reputable manufacturing facilities.
  2. We only source food products.
  3. We only work on the operations side of the business.

Because we are highly specialized, we know the food industry well. We have developed an extensive network of co-manufacturers, co-packers, legal support, acceleration program contacts and funding sources.

We have helped companies of all sizes manage their outsourced relationships. Give us a call at 775-623-7666 or contact us through our online contact form for a free assessment. We’ll be happy to give you a hand.


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